Thursday, 31 October 2013

Barbara Daly Concealer in Fair

On far too many occasions I find myself drawn towards the makeup aisle in Tesco, and on far too many occasions a few beauty items sneak their way into my basket. My latest purchase was the Barbara Daly Concealer in Fair.

 The packaging is MAC Studio Finish-esque but with a square container, and the product itself is pretty much a budget dupe. The consistency is creamy and light, perfect for covering blemishes and under eye circles. The shade selection is pretty poor, I believe there are only three, but the lightest shade 'fair' suits me perfectly.

I apply this product simply using my ring finger and pat it lightly into my under eye area. Although this pot contains a tiny 1.4g of product only a very small amount of product is needed. The pigmentation of this product is incredible and provides fantastic coverage. The formula is creamy, not at all drying and has stayed put under my eyes all day. However, I can talk all day about how much I like this product but I know what really sways people into buying a product is the results.

Of course on the left I have not applied any makeup and on the right I have applied only the Barbara Daly Concealer on my under eye. I'm so amazingly impressed with the results of this concealer. My dark circles are completely covered and my whole eye area looks brightenend and flawless. This concealer does sink into my fine lines under my eye but I've yet to find a concealer that doesn't, so I don't find that a massive issue.

The Barbara Daly Concealer can be bought at Tesco for £5.00.


  1. What a pity I live in France, otherwise I'd have buy it. Looks like a great product :)x

  2. Hey I've nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my blog for the instructions and questions. If you like my blog, we can follow each other because I really like yours :)