Monday, 28 October 2013

What's In My Handbag?

I've seen quite a few 'What's In My Handbag?' posts floating around so finally thought I'd do my own. The handbag I am currently using is this Primark studded handbag, with two carry handles and one large shoulder strap. It's not the most ideal bag as there are no separate compartments inside, but it's large enough to carry all my essentials and I love studded bags.

Primark studded handbag

So, onto the contents. I've removed all the obligatory chocolate wrappers and dozens of receipts. I'm terrible for hoarding receipts. I also found about 10p worth of one pence coins at the bottom of my bag too.

Sainsbury's Cream and Lace Makeup Bag
This was actually a small Christmas gift from my sister last year. It's a beautiful satin-effect makeup bag with lace detail. It also came with a compact mirror and a small tube of lip gloss.

Laura Ashley Pencil Case
I've had this pencil case for a couple of years now and it's lasting well. Being a teacher I always carry a pencil case with me full of pencils, highlighters and my new polka dot pens.

eos Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm
I reviewed the eos lip balm and I wasn't a massive fan. However, I have it now and may as well keep it in my bag for when my lips are feeling a little dry.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03
This is such an easy to wear neutral lip colour so I keep it in my handbag for the times when I want my-lips-but-better.

I don't know why, but I always carry my passport around with me. I bought this cream passport cover from TK Maxx.

When it gets to around September-October an umbrella becomes a permanent fixture in my handbag. This is a pretty boring, plain black one from Totes but it's decent quality and has lasted me since last year.

I don't chew gum because firstly, I think it looks horrible, and secondly, I always swallow it. Tic-Tacs are great at freshening your breath and there's only 1 calorie per mint.

River Island Purse
I've had this purse for a couple of years now and I really need a new one. It's a beautiful colour but as you can see it's looking pretty worn. I'm going to replace it with another River Island purse as it has so many useful compartments.

Impulse Loving Words Body Spray
I like to keep a cheap and cheerful body spray in my bag for those days when you feel a little whiffy. This one has hints of raspberry and lavender and it smells amazing.

I like to keep a notebook on me at all times just in case I need to jot down an address or some other information, or if inspiration hits me for a blog post.


  1. Ooo, lovely! I'm scared to do this because my bag is completely full of rubbish! haha! Your bag is lovely though, and I love those lip balms! :) Beth xox

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  3. Wow i love your handbag, and that's a cute notebook :)

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