Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Bargains Floral Stationary

I popped into Home Bargains looking for a diary and came out with the lovely floral notebooks and these gorgeous polka dot ballpoint pens.

Floral stationary

I really didn't need four notebooks but I just loved every single one and couldn't not have them all - and at only 69p each, how could I refuse? They're A6 size so perfect for popping into your handbag.

I also picked up these polka dot ballpoint pens for only 29p for a pack of 2. Pens have a habit of disappearing in my house so I'm constantly buying more. As they come in the lovely gift box shown they'd be great as a Christmas stocking filler too.

Four notebookes and four pens for only £4.14 - now that is most certainly is bargain stationary!


  1. i looove the home bargains floral stationary! i got some cute little notebooks the other day, plus 3 floral stationary tins for 99p! also got some ladybird pins which are about £2 cheaper than they are in paperchase!
    met you at the minkmeetup a a month back, only just getting round to following people xxx

  2. Definitely a great bargain!
    I love Home Bargains :)