Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Barbara Daly Eyebrow Pencil

So we should all have guessed by now that I'm a bit of a bargain hunter. I prefer to buy lots of decent quality drugstore products for pretty cheap, rather than splash the cash on high end products. Well, I also have a confession... I use eyebrow pencil rather than powder! I can hear the beauty lynch mob after me already. I know, I know... everyone goes on about how you get a much more natural finish with powder, but I just find pencil so much easier to apply, longer lasting and actually, if you use it correctly you can have a really natural finish.

I've used the Barbara Daly Eyebrow Pencil from Tesco for a while now and I loved the colour. But then for some bizarre reason I thought I would switch over to a No.7 from Boots eyebrow pencil which I hated! Don't get me wrong, the packaging and application was great - it even had a handy eyebrow brush at the other end. It's just the I found the No.7 eyebrow pencil to be very 'ginger' in tone, and so didn't blend with m eyebrows at all. So during my trip to Tesco the other day (when I had only planned to buy chicken and came home with a mini beauty haul) I picked up the Barbara Daly Eyebrow Pencil in Dark. Dark was the only colour they had left, but seeing as I've recently gone brunette I though that would be fine, and it is!

The colour blends in perfectly with my eyebrows and gives a very natural look. The key is to not press down too hard and use small, quick strokes in a diagonal upwards direction. Also, don't apply too heavy colour to the inner section of your brow, naturally this is lightest part and if you went a bit overboard on this part you would have a good old scouse brow. It would be very handy if this eyebrow pencil had a brush on the end too, but we can't have it all can we?

I also have another confession. In order to test the longevity of this eyebrow pencil I actually slept with it on. Lynch mob number two is on its way! But seriously, this eyebrow pencil lasted until this morning with only a slight bit of wear on the outer section. 

Do you prefer eyebrow pencil or powder? What products would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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