Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur

After some pretty hefty advertising I was convinced to purchase the well-hyped Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur primer, which claims to visibly blue wrinkles, imperfections, open pores and shine. This product currently retails at £9.99 so not a bank-breaker. I bought this as I'm coming up to 25 and blinkin' paranoid about the fine lines on my forehead.

It smooths on so lovely and even just putting it on your hand you can really see that it blurs out the natural texture in your skin. It does the same job on your face and really does blur out fine lines and imperfections. It also gives your skin quite a nice dewy glow.

Unfortunately I am not a fan of this product for one very disappointing reason. After a few hours wear my under eye concealer and foundation goes very dry and flaky, which it never usually does. I've read reviews on Boots.com and others have said similar. For that reason I shan't be using this primer underneath my makeup again. I will, however, take this on holiday with me to wear alone and I'll see how it holds up then.

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