Monday, 15 July 2013

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Only 8 days until I go on holiday and I sure am excited! As you all know, beauty products need to be rationed on holiday so as not to take up too much room in my bulging suitcase. Here's what I'll be taking with me.

From top left; Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick SPF20, Essie nail varnish in Tart Deco,
Tresemme Platinum Strength Leave in Conditioner, Nivea Intense Moisture Body Milk,
Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara, Bioderma H2O Cleansing Solution

My lips tend to get dry all year round, so I need an extra bit of protection when I'm in the sun. I love this Piz Buin In Sun Lipstick as it has SPF20 and keeps my lips smooth. For summer in a bottle I will most certainly be wearing (and taking with me for top up's) Essie nail varnish in Tart Deco. I'm looking forward to showing off this colour against my tan. Of course with the combination of sun, salt and chlorine my hair is going to feeling pretty dry, so I'll be packing my Tresemme Platinum Strength Leave in Conditioner to keep my hair as soft as possible. My legs get very dry all year round so to keep my skin from looking like the Sahara desert I'll be taking along my bottle of Nivea Intense Moisture Body Milk which has Almond Oil to keep my skin soft. I hate not wearing mascara, but any other will either melt off or be washed away in the pool, and panda eyes ain't my kinda thing. So I'll be popping my Rimmel 100% Waterproof mascara with me (this really is 100% waterproof, I've even tested it at a funeral!) Last but certainly not least, I'll be slipping in my travel size version of the Bioderma H2O Cleansing Solution to keep my skin clean and fresh.

What are your holiday beauty essentials?

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