Friday, 23 August 2013

IKEA Homeware (mini) Haul

A couple of weeks ago my beautiful big sister took me to IKEA and bought me a few bits and bobs. A few months back I moved into my boyfriends house and at the time it was looking a little bit, well, boyish! So I've taken it upon myself to add a few little girly touches to the place and he's actually not grumbled so far.

I managed to pick up some right little bargains in IKEA and I'm so pleased with all of them. There's not really enough items to put into a haul video so I thought I'd do a quick little post showing you what I got.

I can't seem to find this bed linen set or throw on the IKEA website, despite them only being bought 2 weeks ago. Anyway, this lovely floral bed linen set comes with four pillowcases and cost only £6! Despite the price it does feel lovely quality, though quite bizarrely there are no buttons at the bottom to close up the gap where you put your duvet in. The pink throw/blanket was a right little bargain as well at only £5 (this was on offer if you held a discount card). It will be perfect for cuddling up on the sofa in the winter months with a mug of hot chocolate and The Holiday on DVD (I have to watch that film literally every winter).

I've been looking for a little dish to do this exact job - throw all my watches, every day jewellery and hair bands/pins into on my bedside table. This dish is actually a candle dish and was a bargainous price of £1.75! I absolutely adore the laser cut pattern around the edge.

Another little gem I picked up, this bowl was actually found in the dinnerware section but I though it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for keeping my every-growing collection of rings in. It is a pinky-lilac colour and has a beautiful seashell type effect to it. Beautiful!

And finally the most bargainous item of all! I picked up this gorgeous smelling candle for a mere 95p. I haven't burned this candle yet, but the strong vanilla smell (one of my favourite smells) means that my bedroom is beautifully scented with it just being there. 

Have you picked up any fantastic items from IKEA lately?

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