Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Body Shop Lipscuff

I do tend to suffer quite badly with dry, flaky lips which can play hell with wearing my favourites lipglosses (attractive flakes of skin in my gloss, anyone?). I have been meaning to get my hands on one of the Lush lip scrubs but unfortunately I don't actually have a Lush shop near me. The other day I popped into The Body Shop and asked the nice lady there is they had any such products and voila! They do indeed!

This, ladies and gentleman, is The Body Shop Lipscuff and I blimin' love it! It comes in a handy lipstick style application (no getting the product stuck underneath your fingernails) and as you can see it is a lip balm with small exfoliating particles in.

The particles aren't uncomfortably rough but rough enough to remove any small flakes of skin from my lips. I've only been using this product for two days, applying two or three times a day, but already my lips do feel much softer and flake-free. It also had a lovely minty smell. It does leave some visible particles on your lips so your best off applying, rubbing in with a finger for extra exfoliation-ness and then wiping away completely. Immediately after use my lips feel soft and fresh from the minty taste. 

I also really like the sleek, minimalist packaging. At £8.00 this isn't the cheapest way to exfoliate your lips (I quite want to try the DIY lip scrub involving brown sugar and oil) but it is quite a nifty little addition to my beauty drawer.

What you used the Body Shop Lipscuff? Or do you recommend any other lip scrub products?

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