Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Starting Off: Skincare

To commence the Starting Off project we have the most important topic of all - skincare. Without good skincare you can wear all the best makeup in the world and still look pretty darn dreadful! In this post I will cover the absolute essentials; what to use and when to use it. Unfortunately, as I have never suffered from oily or spot-prone skin I am unable to cover this. I've always had normal-dry skin, and as experience is the best form of recommendation I will include the products that work for my skin type and will hopefully work for others with the same.

I've also now filmed an accompanying video all about skincare. Watch it below:

First up is makeup removal. Please, put those makeup remover wipes down. They will only push the makeup and impurities further into your skin. You really need to be using either a cream cleanser such as the Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion or a product such as pictured above, a micellar solution. To those unfamiliar with micellar solution it is a cleansing 'water' which feels so refreshing on the face and literally dissolves away your makeup. Two cotton wool pads is all you need for clean, fresh skin. The above micellar solution is the Loreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution which is currently sold in Boots for a mere £3.33 and it really does do a great job at removing makeup. It can also be picked up in most supermarkets. Remember girls, never go to sleep without first removing your makeup so make sure to use this at the end of every single day.

The second skincare essential is moisturiser. Without this little gem you will have wrinkles and dull looking skin before you hit 25. The above product is the Garnier Skin Naturals Soft Essentials 24hr Nourishing Day Cream which, for me, does a brilliant job. It is super light so doesn't make your skin feel greasy. In your teenage years you really don't need to worry about the type of moisturiser you use, just as long as you use one. Simple do a great range of moisturisers for less than £2.00! Again, you should be moisturising every single day.

Next up is a product that every single person in the world needs to use without excuse, SPF. Using SPF on your face not only prevents skin cancer, but also keeps wrinkles and skin discolouration at bay. Also, it stops you from returning from your holiday resembling a lobster... not a good look! A lot of makeup products now contain SPF (look on the labels) but if not you really should be using a SPF on your face... even in this rubbish British sun. I cannot stress enough how much you should also ensure you apply plenty of SPF to your face whilst on holiday in a sunny country. Is a killer tan really compensation enough for years of wrinkes, dehydrated skin?

Lastly, I really wanted to include in this post a body moisturiser as this is often overlooked. Soft, hydrated skin has much more elasticity in it, so during growth spurts you are less likely to develop stretch marks on your skin. Stretch marks occur when a deep layer of your skin is torn through being stretched too quickly, this can occur through rapid growth or weight gain. Nourished skin has a better ability to stretch and withstand this growth without tearing, where as dry skin is not so great at this. Try to make it a habit to apply moisturiser every day, or every 2-3 days. Nivea and Garnier do some great moisturisers which can be picked up for under £3 from your local supermarket or high street.

So that was the first of my Starting Out series. I know only too well how confusing the beauty industry can be so I've stuck to the absolute essentials; makeup remover, face moisturiser, SPF and body moisturiser. With regular use of these four essentials you can be guaranteed soft, subtle skin for years to come.

Next week I'll be recommending concealers and giving advice on how to use them.


  1. I seriously want to try the loreal water its even on my wishlist!
    my projects on now :) http://katiesworld-ofbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. It really is fab and a fraction of the price of the much loved Bioderma xx

  2. Fab post, really clear!

    Rebecca x

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    1. No I didn't know that - is that a bad thing?? xx