Saturday, 24 August 2013

Starting Off: The Series


The beautiful Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice had a wonderful idea which dozens of bloggers are joining in with - a series based on helping teenagers get to grips with the makeup basics and know-how's. I was quick to sign up for the Starting Off series as I remember only too well the angst of being a teenager, experimenting with makeup and getting it horrifically wrong!

The concept is that each week starting Tuesday 27th August every blogger involved in the project will publish a post on a particular topic. Each of the ten weeks has a different topic which are as follows:

Week One: Skincare 
Week Two: Concealer 
Week Three: Foundation 
Week Four: Bronzer 
Week Five:Blusher  
Week Six: Mascara 
Week Seven: Eyeliner 
Week Eight: Eyeshadow 
Week Nine: Lips 
Week Ten: Tools

The world of makeup is confusing, hella confusing! So the aim is to all offer a little advice to those who are just starting out wearing makeup; which products to use, how to use them, and most importantly... how not to use them! I've been wearing makeup for well over 10 years now so safe to say I'm pretty clued up. To coincide with my blog posts I'm also going to be uploading YouTube tutorials for some of the categories, e.g. how to apply liquid foundation, how to cover spots and undereye circles...

I'd also like to add that I intend to use pretty much only affordable, high street brands as I don't imagine many young teenagers will be able to fork out on expensive luxury brands and in my opinion, high street is just as good!

I'm really looking forward to being involved in the Starting Off project. If you'd like more information on this project or you would like to be involved then visit Steph's Inside Voice or add her on Twitter @stephsvoice

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